ABOUT the Power of Getting RED.HOT

“Build a small business that people talk about!”

Want more customers and more profit?

Want less advertising, less marketing, less selling?

Red.Hot.Momentum has the tools you need to get customers without expensive, overwhelming marketing and advertising campaigns.  At RHM the focus is on creating a business that people talk about so that you don’t need to spend hours and hours chasing down potential customers… the customers find you.

In order to help you create a more profitable business RHM focuses on three key things:

  • Creating a “By Referral Only” business so you can stop advertising and start getting customers to come to you.
  • Creating Boundaries and enforcing them so you can take control of your business, your time and your life.
  • Raising Productivity so you have more time for non-work things like family, travel, and personal activities.

At RHM it’s all about…

    “Having a good day every day!”


About Yolanda A. Facio
Chief Momentum Officer

You’ll hear me say it several times a week…

“It’s all about having a good day, every day.”

That means operating your business in a way that makes sense for you.  A business that you control, not one that controls you.  A business where every customer is a blessing and not an energy-sapping chore.  A business where you feel good about what you charge, not one where you charge what you think you should.  A business that allows you the time and freedom to have a life, not one where you are chained to a desk or phone or office.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve worked hard to create a business environment where I establish how I work, with whom I work and when I work.

It’s a business lifestyle I believe every business owner deserves and one that is well within reach.

In my 20 years as CEO-President of a family-owned custom commercial millwork company I have worked with clients like Neiman Marcus, Ralph Lauren, Radisson and W Hotels who pride themselves on quality and integrity; two of the key factors that have made our family business one built on referrals and not advertising.

As co-owner/operator/President of  Exotic Motorwerks, Inc., a Porsche-only automotive service/repair business,  I have used those same lessons of quality and integrity to create a “By Referral Only” business.  We choose who becomes a customer not the other way around.  More importantly we do not and haven’t ever advertised for customers.

I’m an evangelist for teaching other business owners like you how to create the same kind of business for themselves.  A business that raises the bar and becomes a “By Referral Only” business that’s more profitable and more productive so that… you can have a good day every day.

Email:  yolanda (at) yolandafacio (dot) com

Twitter:  @yolandafacio