Current and “Coming Soon” Courses

Clear Boundaries a.k.a.  Meanie Camp

This course is designed to help you learn to establish and enforce personal and business boundaries to achieve a greater work/life balance.  It’s all about having a great day every day!

A self-study version will be available soon.

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Red.Hot Price, Profit & Power – Coming Soon

This course is all about Price Strategies, Increasing Profits and Taking Back Power over Your Small Business Prosperity!


  • How to Take Control of Your Price Strategy
  • How to Set the ‘Right’ Price for Your Service or Product
  • How to Raise Prices the Without Losing Customers
  • How to Setting Sale Price the Right Way
  • How to Avoid the “Free” Train Wreck
  • How to Create Value to Avoid Discounting
  • And Much Much More

Consistent Productivity – Coming Soon!

This course is designed to help you fight overwhelm in your small business and life so you can achieve more and get more done.  The basis of the course is not to overwhelm you with a new system, but rather to help you design a system that works for you, the way you work best.  We cover lots of tip and tricks to help you learn to create more time and space in your day for doing the big work you were meant to do.

“By Referral Only” the Referral Marketing course – Coming Soon!

This course is designed to get you on the right path with your marketing efforts so you can grab more of the “Right” customer, drive more traffic and make more sales!

We don’t want to chase customers, we want customers to come to us.  The best customers hear about us and love us before they even pick up the phone to make an appointment.   THAT’S the power of referral marketing when it’s done right.

You can learn to create a marketing system that drives traffic to you without spending another dime on advertising!

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